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The 2013 Cambodian "Good Men in Rugby" review. A fantastic 10min video with great footage of the Cambodia Rugby grassroots programme and our Partnership with the Good Men Campaign.


Match Team Rugby

 Here it is grassroots rugby action Cambodia! PSE Garuda vs Sisowath Knights game played 18th February 2012!


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Development rugby teams, and Senior Men's Super 4 League - Stade Khmer vs Sisowath Knights Game. Watch out for highlights of the Super 4 League game coming soon.

Cambodia Rugby

Since its creation in 2017, Cambodia Rugby is a French registered non-profit organization that works in Cambodia assisting disadvantaged and disabled children to develop and build themselves through sports. Non-political, non-religious and non-profit, Kampuchea Balopp is registered as an association in France and is currently in the process of registering in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Our objective is to use sport as a tool of social inclusion and education for children. Through sports and Rugby in particular, children are able to develop essential human qualities like sharing, mutual respect, tolerance, team spirit and team work, as well as other social skills.

Making children smile with sports

Although Cambodia is a fast growing country, public schools and non-governmental organizations are unable to provide sufficient access to physical education. A broad lack of resources such as funding, facilities, public transportation, manpower, and deprive children from basic sports activities. Thirty-one percent of the population in 2011 is between 0-14 years old (World Bank Data).


Our Mission, Our Goals

Give them a ball, give them a chance, they will embrace it!
More than sports and leisure, we aim to provide children with:

  1. Social Integration & Skills
  2. Values of Mutual Respect
  3. Team Work
  4. Sense of Responsibility
  5. Confidence
  6. Health & Nutrition Education
  7. Gender Equality

Help them to grow.

Cambodia Rugby, today is providing access to sports and group activities on a weekly basis to more than 600 children. Cambodia Rugby aims to nurture more than 1500 children by the end of the year in their social development and sports activities. This includes teaching them about healthy lifestyles, good nutrition, the importance of teamwork & respect, responsibility, and more.

Cambodia's youth make up more than a third of the population, as such it is vital that they are prepared for the future. Rugby is a means to that end. As it has for all of us on the Cambodia Rugby, we hope it will provide the same opportunities and lessons for the children we work with. At the very least they will get the chance to get outside, run around and have some fun.

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